Are you being driven by distraction?

Let’s face it, unless you’ve been off on a yoga retreat in silent mediation for the past 18 months, you’ve undoubtedly gotten yourself wrapped in the reality show that is politics today. If you’re like many Americans, you rightly feel compelled to engage in shaping the future of your democracy.  So continue to make calls, […]

Positive Pay – Protecting Your Business from Fraud

Positive Pay Fraud Protection Over 62% of Small Businesses are targets of payment fraud every year. Banks recognize that Small Businesses are vulnerable to check fraud both internally and externally.  As a result, we recommend our clients use Positive Pay service through their bank. What is Positive Pay? Positive Pay is a service offered by banks that […]

QuickBooks Desktop 2017: Simplifying it further

QuickBooks Desktop 2017: Simplifying it further Intuit may have hit the mark at resolving lifelong product limitations that haunted users for a decade.  While the new QuickBooks Desktop 2017 released mid-September highlights the Scheduled Reports as its flagship feature, the rest of the improvements are simple yet will make users think twice before switching to another accounting […]