Top 5 Tips to Beat Procrastination
(the Thief of Time)

Would you call yourself a procrastinator? If so, you’re not alone, and with our to-do-lists growing daily, the percentage of people who procrastinate chronically has increased over the last few decades. There’s a difference between procrastinating and prioritizing. Great entrepreneurs know how to put the most important tasks first. There’s also a difference between procrastinating […]

Don’t just sit around waiting for the customer not to pay you. Create a system that allows you to remind customers when they have a payment around the corner.

Do You Have Past Due Accounts?

Does your business have Past Due Accounts? If you provide a service or ship a product before you get paid, you most likely have a balance in your Accounts Receivable account.  If customers pay when their invoice is due, all is right with the world.  If they don’t, then your cash flow is tight and […]

If you’ve been working with a vendor for a while, you may be able to re-negotiate your contract with them.

8 Ways to Increase Your Profits

Increasing your profits might sound like it’s an unattainable dream just out of your reach. But there are a finite number of ways that profits can be increased. Once you understand what they are, you’ll have clarity on how to best reach your goals. There are two primary ways to increase profits: · Increase Revenues […]